Glamping and experiences in Bucovina

Accommodation and adventure in one package

Enjoy a few days and nights in the middle of nature, in our glamping, in a place where a new adventure awaits you every day. Whether you are passionate about rafting, kayaking, or hiking, we have prepared for you a collection of activities full of adrenaline or, why not, relaxation and socializing.

Glamping & Experiences

Enjoy unique experiences in Bucovina, and at the end of the day, relax in our glamping specially created for you.

Venturing and relaxing have never been easier.

Available experiences

Discover and enjoy the memorable experiences offered by Bucovina Outdoor Adventure.


Activities Schedule

Day 1

After days of waiting and anticipation, we finally see each other. We welcome you with joy, with a smile on our lips, and with a dear heart, in the middle of Nature, in our place of soul and story, Bucovina Glamping. And all this comes with our surprise “Welcome!”. Road fatigue, daily stress, thirst, and hunger pangs will slowly but surely vanish, as if by magic. Good cheer, smiles, hearty laughter, and relaxation will take their place. The long desired and dreamed holiday begins!!!

On the first day, you can rest on the terrace of your tent or in the comfortable beds in the luxury tent, delight your sense of smell and taste with our wonderful Bucovina cuisine, drink cold and living spring water, explore the village and the surrounding area, enjoying the fresh mountain air, or relax in our charming cottages, set in a place with a dreamy view.


* For all these wonders, we recommend that you arrive at Bucovina Glamping between 2 pm and 9 pm.

Day 2

After a restful night’s sleep under five million stars, we start another wonderful day. We go out to breathe the fresh, clean mountain air.

We do a bit of invigorating exercise and recharge ourselves with pure energy, admiring and enjoying the sunrise, the birds’ trills, and the play of lights and mists. After a tasty and hearty breakfast and a little rest, we start rafting or kayaking, two adrenaline-filled and relaxing experiences on the Bistrita River. We will enter another realm, that of flowing mountain waters. A special realm that very few people on earth have the privilege to discover. You will smile and talk with your family and friends, you will exercise in the open air and admire many fairytale landscapes.

To remember the whole experience, we’ll take dozens of photos from the shore and capture some memorable video footage from the boats, from the still clear water and the ripples. It will be about 2.5 hours full and lived to the fullest. Perhaps the best experience we’ve had so far, and the lunchtime appetite will be right on target.

After lunch, afternoon relaxation, and a well-deserved rest for 60 minutes, we will also do the ATV and Buggy ride, discovering the surroundings from high above. Motor enthusiasts will be very pleased.

In the evening, after another relaxing break, there will be an airsoft shooting competition. It will be a super fun experience and another good time of good cheer and socializing, and the winner of the competition will receive a surprise gift from us.

This unforgettable day ends “en fanfare” on the terrace of our luxury tent, under the star-filled sky, around the fire, with stories, with other guests, or a relaxing bath in our enchanted cushions, set in a place with a dreamy view.


*Day 2 program will be set and announced on the first day.

Day 3

Those who choose to spend the weekend with us will go on day 3 on a memorable mountain hike on Rarau, to the famous and renowned Lady’s Stones.


*To run smoothly, the hike will start no later than 13:00.

Glamping facilities

This summer, try the outdoor experiences in Bucovina and enjoy luxury services in our Glamping in Crucea Commune.

** 6 bathrooms (toilets +showers)
** Meals can be taken on the terrace inside the glamping

**Free private parking available

**Barbecue available

**Hot tub 




A special experience. We felt better than at the hotel. For sure we will be back one day.
Guest glamping
We stayed in the glamping for 3 days, and it was amazing. We didn't miss anything, better than the classic hotels.
Guest glamping