Mega Zipline
from Palma

Mega Zipline from Palma

The longest and most spectacular Zip line from Romania and Central Europe; the most appreciated adrenaline experience from Bucovina.

The installation has a length of 1.1 kilometers and a difference of level of about 100 meters.

The Tyrolean has two braking systems brought from Sweden and the United States of America, and the speed at which a man descends can reach even 100 km / h.

It should be noted that those wishing to try the longest Tyrolean in the country must have a minimum age of seven years and a weight between 20 and 130t kilograms.

Tiroliana is located in Palma, Sucevița commune, Suceava county, in Ciumârna Pass.

The price of a trip with Mega Tiroliana from Palma is 50 lei.

We can rent you GoPro equipment to capture the 4K experience.

Video of Mega Zipline from Palma