Kayak and Rafting

Kayak and Rafting

Rafting is a challenging outdoor activity that uses an inflatable boat to navigate a river. This is done to give them adrenaline and captivate the passengers. Adrenaline, relaxation and socialization, on the rivers Bistrita or Moldova in some story landscapes.

Like most outdoor sports, rafting has generally become safer over the years and we can say that it is one of the safest water sports. The most important feature of a rafting tour is that the participants have to synchronize their movements, which is why it is an excellent team building activity.

Rafting trips can promote views. Experiencing the beauty of a river, participants can have a positive outdoor experience.

Discover the grandeur and wonders of the Danube Delta by kayak or canoe and sleep under the open sky, at the bivouac, hammock or tent.

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